C. L. Howland

Author C. L. HowlandC. L. Howland loves breathing life into the characters she creates. The town of Northam, Vermont hold many stories–the elementary school teacher who yearns for a child of her own, the Pearl Harbor survivor whose long sleeves can’t hide all her scars, the overweight girl in homemade dresses, the Iraq vet battling PTSD, the mother whose hoarding isn’t her only secret. They all have a story, and one by one, doors in this speck of a town are thrown open in C. L. Howland’s books.

When not plotting what challenges her characters will face next, C. L. and her husband, Dale, embrace life in the Green Mountains as they strive to keep Vermont traditions alive. They’re beekeepers, make maple syrup and spend the last warm days of summer gathering wild blackberries. Nestled amongst homemade candy and cheesecake during the holidays, blackberry brandy delights neighbors and warms the bones on cold winter nights.

To learn more about C. L., please visit her website or drop her an email at info@clhowland.com.

Fiction by C. L. Howland